New Years resolutions don’t work! A study in America showed that up to 80% of New Years resolutions don’t see the light of day come February.

Why you ask? Because New Years resolutions are generally unrealistic targets we set ourselves. The unrealistic nature of these targets will leave you unmotivated and uninspired. Unrealistic targets usually involve us trying to make such a big change to our lives in such a little amount of time that it completely throws you out of your comfort zone, overwhelms you and you end up putting yourself off. There is no quick fix! You need to set realistic, attainable targets that can be achieved by simply creating better habits. For health, fitness and wellbeing these can be as simple as drinking more water each day, going to bed slightly earlier than normal or dedicating half an hour every other day to some form of exercise.

This time of year is traditionally a time where people wind down, over indulge and aren’t as active as they should be. The weather is miserable, its dark, cold and its hard to get yourself motivated to exercise.

We always talk about consistency. This is what gets you the results you want and this is when it matters most! To be consistent you need to stick with your good habits.

Habits by definition are the small decisions you make, the actions you perform everyday and the sum of these habits make up your daily life. Habits are so important as they grow stronger and stronger the more you do them and become automatic to your life. 

People who exercise daily do it ultimately because it is a habit! Those that exercise and enjoy doing so will also have days and maybe even weeks where they don’t want to train, where they can’t be bothered BUT they do so because it’s a habit. These people are the ones who are consistent and who are achieving goals that others can’t and come the new year are those that aren’t struggling to train and get back into shape after the Christmas festivities. Not every workout needs to be perfect. Not everyday is going to be a good day. Some days will be harder than others but get into the habit of staying active, and continuing to train even when at times, motivation is low.

The key to success is consistency. Consistency is achieved via good habits. Don’t wait and overwhelm yourself in the new year. Create good habits now that will become automatic and last all year round! They say ‘Summer bodies are made in Winter’ and it’s true. Those with these good habits who are consistent throughout the winter months don’t need to worry about getting in shape for Summer. Through sticking with their good habits, they’re in shape all year round.

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