Details Of Our Membership

Daily workouts, live classes and multiple, easy to follow programs for all fitness levels. If you have very limited or lots of equipment, we have a program for you. All for just £20 a month.

What's included?

  • Daily Online live zoom workouts
  • Daily Workouts - Programs:
    ME, SE, LE
  • Video Demos
  • Movement Tips
  • Scaling Options for all fitness levels
  • Accessories - maintenance
  • Nutrition - Tips and recipes
Crossfit online

Our community

Access to private members area and Facebook support group for 24/7 feedback and coach support. Miss the daily live workout? It will be posted here to catch up when suits you.


Monthly Unlimited
£20/month – Access to everything
Online gym




“With 2 kids, working shifts and unsociable hours means I struggle to find time to get to the gym everyday. Civitas Online has been a breath of fresh air as if I can’t get to the gym I can log on at home and get a workout in. I have even got the mrs involved and we are training more than ever”