Over the years we have come across many people all with different levels of fitness but with pretty much the same goals……..

To feel healthier, to increase their overall fitness and to look better naked. (Yeah I said naked)

The biggest deterrent to the above is people expect those things to happen instantly, time and time again we see people go from 0-100 by making so many changes to their lifestyle. They try and give up chocolate, stop drinking alcohol and then they start training 7 days a week with no rest days. Then Two months down the line they crash and burn LITERALLY. Sound familiar??

Why??? Because the reality is: For the average person that just isn’t sustainable long term.

The key to seeing growth in whatever you do in your life is consistency, it has to be able to work for you all year round and it’s about finding the right balance in your life schedule.

What we always encourage our members to do whether that’s in the gym, our 1-1 clients or to all of you guys online, is to make sure that the fit is right for you and it’s something that you can maintain forever. We are fully aware with work, family commitments & running your own homes that sometimes taking 90 minutes out of your day to fit in a full workout plus travel time just isn’t achievable…..We get it.

Though it is at this stage where we see people throw in the towel and stop exercise completely, they get themselves into a rut of working, eating badly and then lounging on the sofa because “They don’t have the time to exercise” then they get to the point where they try again and the cycle of starting and stopping continues for pretty much years on end.

Working out or exercising doesn’t have to be time consuming, it should supplement your work and lifestyle and it can also be super affordable for you as well.

Civitas Online offers you the opportunity to be consistent daily, weekly and monthly whatever feels right for you. You log in at home and set aside 30-40 minutes at any point during any set day, do this 3-4 times a week for 52 weeks a year and good things will happen to you we guarantee it.

Break the cycle of only working out when you feel motivated and having to start over, time and time again. Add something to your life that is so convenient and accessible that you can stick to it forever, enjoy the journey and watch the changes happen to your mind and body.

Consistency really is key. We are creatures of habit, the more we practise something the more natural it becomes. We experience this when we learn to walk as babies, when we learn to drive and when we exercise. It’s normal to feel out of your element a little bit when trying something new but the more you do it the more comfortable you feel, commit to something that has longevity and can have a huge impact and your life both mentally and physically.

“Many seemingly complex achievements are simply the result of people getting the basics right with relentless consistency.”

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